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These Images are from the Rohrig Deck  simply the most amazing deck of cards I have ever worked with.

Tarot Card Definitions:

The Fool:
(The fool in traditional tarot decks walks off of a cliff with absolute assurance that the Universe will not allow him to fall.) Courage, fear free, innocence, acting without much thought, a new beginning, a fresh start, the dawn of a new day, someone about to take a risk, Major transitions or radical departures are involved.


The Magus:
Using one’s creative power, skill, talent, energy and direction to accomplish the task at hand, a dedicated and focused person, A person who makes hard tasks seem easy, Manifestation.


The High Priestess:
Intuition, lessons learned from life experience, wise beyond her years, a matter has divine influence, let your feelings and intuition guide you, the past is studied, the future is envisioned, (The High Priestess has the sun and moon above her head in this card and she is balanced and also represents spiritual healing, the moon represents hidden subconscious issues and sun sheds light upon them promoting health and healing.)


The Empress:
Creativity, Procreation, Fertility, The Universal Mother, Unconditional Love, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Pleasure, success, fruitfulness, good fortune, Graciousness, Elegance, Gentleness. (The Empress is like your Mother who picks you up when you have skinned your knee and kisses it better for you, imagine this on a Universal level.)


The Emperor:
A Confident Man, The Universal Father, lessons learned from experience, Leadership, Accomplishment, Ambition, Conquest, Victory, Power, Originality, Charismatic Man, Highly Structured, Someone important to those around him, an audience with a higher-up, can be a controlling person in a relationship.


The Hierophant:
Divine Inspiration, control over spiritual needs, Divine wisdom, Inspiration, Stubborn Strength, Dogma,Religious Influence, Teaching, Help from Superiors, Divine Teacher, Guidance, Goodness of heart, Someone who believes in right and wrong, good and bad, or abiding by the rules, A person who has achieved a good station in life based on high personal standards, moral character, or ethical behavior, The present situation may require a vow or a commitment. A grace period is involved. For now at least you can do no wrong.


The Lovers:
Love, passion, Romance, Harmony, Union, openness to inspiration, Intuition, childishness, Attraction, Beauty, Love, A Romantic Involvement, Marriage, If you are hesitant the lovers tells you to throw away your rule book on relationships, Your instincts are guiding you in the right direction so go with them. When talking of an existing relationship it means a lasting union one that stands the test of time and endures and Romantic Love is at an all time High.


The Chariot:
A new beginning, A Journey spiritual or travel over a long distance, Triumph, Victory, Hope, Obedience, Faithfulness, Health, Success, Authority under Authority, overcoming of past adversities has made him strong, now he takes his experience to new lands, Conflict and it’s resolution are involved, someone deserving of recognition, A new car may even be in your future.

Balance, Strong Character, Fairness, Adjustment, suspension of action pending a decision, May refer to lawsuits and legal matters, this card is about reaching decisions. (In this deck the woman is blind folded and holds the scales but also has a lightsaber attached to her robe- in essence she is channeling the force and has to go with her intuition above all else in these matters, the truth is the ultimate aim with the justice card).


The Hermit:
Solitude, Wandering Inward, Self-Examination, seeking and wanting to be alone, Hidden knowledge, secrecy, Illumination from within, Divine Inspiration, Clarity, Guidance from within, this card is about seeking the truth, ( The traditonal decks show an old man carrying a lantern in the dark he is looking to find his way home back to the light within himself. In this Deck the Hermit is a man with mazes everywhere on his face, looking for direction and guidance, clarity on how to complete the complexities and mazes of life.)


The Wheel of Fortune:
A change of Fortune for the better, Fortune, Chance, Unplanned happenings, Destiny, this card is about risk, odds turn in your favor if you act upon your intuition, Anticipate change occurring, take a risk in love, it’s a sae time to speculate about money.

Courage of fortune, Strength you didn’t know you had, control of your life force, Use of personal power, Strength from within, Endurance, Animal Instincts, mental telepathy, unspoken feelings are involved.


The Hanged Man:
Redemption through sacrifice, making right for past misdeeds, letting time pass you by, indecision, opportunities missed, enforced sacrifice, suffering.


Transformation, Death, Rebirth, Renewal ( like a snake climbing out of it’s old dead skin feeling clean and new afterward), emotional exfoliation and deep change, Metamorphosis, Voluntary or unvoluntary change, perhaps sudden and unexpected, This card is about permanent change, the past is buried and the slate is clean, A new chapter begins,  you must go on with your life, a grief cycle.

Temperance or Art Card:
Combination of forces, realization, Action based on accurate calculation, Economy, Management, Success after elaborate maneuvers, the way of escape, craving and attempting to create a balance in one’s life, combining elements for new results, High creativity, personal growth, Miracles, Wonders never cease to amaze you.


The Devil:
Obsession and Control, aching discontent, Materialism, Self- Centered thoughts and idea’s, greed, Oppression of one’s self,
This card is about entrapment, it describes someone who feels helpless in their own circumstances and their circumstances are of their own making, binding legal agreements, a masochistic sense of duty may be involved, your own beliefs are limiting you,( The Devil is the result of fear in all area’s of our life, represents troubles with addiction or controlling/dominating behavior in regards to other people. The advice with this card is of letting go, the real freedom is attained through letting go of control and letting the Universe guide you out, asking for help, admitting your weakness so that you may receive help, asking for help is really a very courageous thing to do if you ever are in a position to need it.)


The Tower:
A chance to learn from a difficult situation, crisis and disturbance from the outside, severe or abrupt change, loss or accident, Traumatic event, Upheaval, Danger, Destruction of plans, shocked to your senses, a lightning bolt shocks the life back into you, shakes you and causes you to start and begin again. Destruction of a structure that hasn’t been working to be replaced by one that will. seek cover at the first sign of danger and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The Star:
Hope, unexpected help, Clarity of vision, Spiritual insight, Spiritual femininity, Finding your inner voice or master, Connection to Oneness and Universal consciousness, following your instincts, Intuition, faith, sign of good things, fulfillment in life’s pleasures, Guidance, someone who lives up to their highest potential, someone with great hopes and intentions.


The Moon:
Hidden Subconscious issues and fears come to the surface, illusion, deception, madness, bad dreams, the brink of a very important change, the catalist to a much needed change, deception by self or others susceptibility to deception is higher than usual be careful,( When the Moon is present it means issues are coming up for you on purpose so that you can finally heal from them, this card draws you into a healing place.)

The Sun:
Recovery from sickness, Health, Healing, Happiness, gain, joy, successful social relationship, Friendship, Engagement, Happy times, pure joy, glory, riches, triumph, pleasure, pleasure, frankness, truth, Manifestation, shamelessness.


The Judgement:
Coming to know the purpose of one’s existence, The taking of a definite step and new direction, Spiritual awakening, New beginnings, destiny, being called to your true purpose in this world and in this life, Coming to know really know ones true self.


The World or Universe:
A new opportunity, a door is opening up for you, emotional and spiritual rebirth, rebirth and reincarnation, completion of a cycle or journey and the beginning of a new one, triumph, A hard fought victory, Successful outcome over adversity, The essence of the question itself, the end of the matter, delay, results require some time, patience, the crystalization of the whole matter involved, understanding after a period of confusion over an issue.


Knight of Wands:
Usually represents a Man over the age of 40 of a fiery nature, someone Ambitious, A leader, fatherly and paternal in nature, can be bossy and demanding at times, Active, Generous
Fire signs: Leo, Saggitarius or Aries.


Queen of Wands:
Usually represents a Woman over the age of 40 of a fiery nature,
Ambitous, driven, Motherly and maternal in nature, Active, Generous.
Fire Signs: Leo, Saggitarius or Aries.


Prince of Wands:
Usually represents a Man under the age of 40 of a fiery nature, funny, charismatic, outgoing, playful, active can be narcicistic in nature.
Fire Signs: Leo, Saggitarius or Aries.

Princess of Wands:
Usually represents a Young Woman under the age of 40 of a fiery nature, Active, brilliant and daring with great energy, sudden and violent in love or anger, enthusiastic. Can be theatrical and someone who entertains abandon.
(this card comes up for people who need to sometimes remember not to fill their void with shopping, eating, drinking or spending money they don’t have, real emotional and physical needs have to be met as well as spiritual needs.)

Ace of Wands:
About opportunities, Energy, Strength, Primal origin, Creative Origin, Source Energy, Powerful Spiritual renewal, The most powerful Spiritual Energy surrounding a person or situation.

Two of Wands:
Creative use of energy, bringing together idea’s, Focusing on a single objective, working together for a common goal, Unifying forces. The root powers of fire, strength, courage.


Three of Wands:
Virtue, Integrity, Moral behavior, Following your instincts, seeking the truth, success after struggle, a person learning lessons of personal character.

Four of Wands:
Completion, having come full circle in regards to a life situation, perfected work, settlement, Completion after much labor, Conclusions from previous knowledge, Stability, Strong Foundation.

Five of Wands:
Strife, Striving and stressful maneuvering of situations, Quarreling, fighting, Competition, Cruelty, Violence, struggle, conflict. (Attempting to force the situation to work in your favor is not the right course of action, relief comes from letting go of the outcome and accepting where you are at.)

Six of Wands:
Victory, Energy in balanced manifestation, Love, Gain and success, triumph after strife.

Seven of Wands:
Valor, Taking risks is rewarded, Courage. A leap of faith, trusting that if you act on your instinct and intuition all will be good. (Realizing that you are not jumping across the Grand Canyon, you are being pushed and land you will.)

Eight of Wands:
Swiftness, Misconceptions are exchanged for truths, there is a situation in your life where you have had a falling out or a fight with someone, you will become reunited very soon with this person unexpectedly.

Nine of Wands:
Strength, Power, health and success after strife, Tremendous force, Recovery from sickness, Courage to see things through. (In this deck the card shows a large Brick Box similar to that of a jail cell being blown apart, in the 10 of wands you see a man standing in a concrete or brick cell and he is stuck, in the 9 of wands you see what strength can accomplish as it blows the obstacle out of the way and you are free to proceed.)

Ten of Wands:
Oppression, a feeling of being truly stuck, Force detached from spiritual sources, A burden to bear, overwhelming stress, You have felt very stuck in your current situation and something needs to change in order for you to find your way out.

Ace of Cups:
An Abundance of Emotion, like you have removed the cork of your stuffed emotions and they are all escaping at once, in all ranges such as happy, sad, grateful, angry, hurt, proud,etc.

Two of Cups:
Love, Harmonic Togetherness, a real and true experience of love.

Three of Cups:
Abundance, plenty, flowing with emotion, pleasure and sensuality, love and kindness.

Four of Cups:
Luxury, Emotional Luxury which leads to displeasure like a celebration, holiday, etc. An Emotional High must come down to normal and sometimes leaves behind a feeling of loss.

Five of Cups:
Disappointment, End of Pleasure, Disappointment in Love, sadness, vain regret, Marital Disappointment, loss.


Six of Cups:
Pleasure, Love, well-being, harmony of natural forces without strain or effort, ease, satisfaction, Happiness, success, beginning of steady increase.

Seven of Cups:
Debauchery, illusory success, lying, deceit, promises unfulfilled, dissipation in love and friendship, vanity.

Eight of Cups:
Indolence, Abandoned success, decline in interest in anything, depression, temporary success without further result, bored with life as it is, in search of something renewing and hopeful.

Nine of Cups:
Happiness, complete success, Happiness almost perfect but perhaps temporary.

Ten of Cups:
Satiety, Emotional fullness, Matters arranged and settled as wished, lasting success.

Knight of Cups:
Usually a Man over the age of 40 of a water sign with an intensly emotional nature, caring, loving, nurturing, fatherly, exceedingly sensitive.
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Queen of Cups:
Usually a Woman over the age of 40 of a water sign with an intensely emotional nature, dreamy, tranquil, imaginative, empathic, understanding and very motherly in nature.
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Prince of Cups:
Usually a Man under the age of 40 of a water sign with an intensely emotional nature, a young man who’s calm surface masks intense passion. a wild daydreamer.


Princess of Cups:
Usually a Woman under the age of 40 of a water sign with an intensely emotional nature, a young woman infinitely gracious, all sweetness, gentleness, kindness, romantic and dreamy.

Ace of Swords:
A Concentrated amount of mental energy and clarity comes to you now, It is a good time to start writing some of this clarity and guidance you are receiving.

Two of Swords:
Peace, rest, balanced forces at an impasse.

Three of Swords:
Sorrow, Melancholy, sadness, depression, lack of clarity, morbid reflection on past events.

Four of Swords:
Truce, Truce after a quarrel or battle, forced rest.




Five of Swords:
Defeat, Giving up due to frustration.( If you take a step back you will see that this problem is quite solve-able.)

Six of Swords:
Science, Mental clarity and studies culminate to create success, Illumination of answers to questions, Work, Intelligence that has reached it’s goal.

Seven of Swords:
Futility, unstable effort, vain striving against opposition to powerful, time to regroup and attempt again from a more collected and prepared place.

Eight of Swords:
Interference, missing the point, attention directed the wrong way, scattered effort, lack of persistence, sheer unforeseen bad luck, Great care in some things counterbalanced by equal disorder in other things.

Nine of Swords:
Cruelty, Cruelty to oneself, negative thoughts and self-image, shame.
(Be kinder to yourself!!!)

Ten of Swords:
Ruin, reason divorced from reality, disaster yet not entirely without hope, may herald the end of delusion.

Knight of Swords:
Usually represents a man over the age of 40 of an Air Sign, who is very Inteligent, skillful and clever, delicate and courageous but often unreflective. Abstract thinker.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Queen of Swords:
Usually represents a woman over the age of 40 of an Air Sign, who is a Graceful woman, very perceptive, a keen observer, gracious and just.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Prince of Swords:
Usually represents a man under the age of 40 of an Air Sign, who is purely intellectual, full of ideas and designs, domineering,  intensely clever but unstable on purpose.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Princess of Swords:
Usually represents a woman under the age of 40 of an Air Sign who is firm and aggressive, with great practical wisdom and subtlety, dexterous in management of other affairs.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Ace of Disks:
The greatest card of fortune in the minor arcana, this card represents the energy of earth surrounding you waiting to take form and manifest in the form of idea’s, dreams, and financial gain. This card represents the energy of manifestation.

Two of Disks:
Change, Change is stability, the yin and yang, harmony of change, Alternation of gain and loss, weakness and strength, elation and melancholy.


Three of Disks:
Work, Hard weary labor leads to success.

Four of Disks:
A dramatic increase in power leading to a steady change in income, could be from a promotion, raise or inheritance.

Five of Disks:
Worry, Stress and anxiety over money.

Six of Disks:
Success, financial and career success, not just bringing in money but feeling good at what you are doing, power, influence.

Seven of Disks:
Failure, or rather longing, ( The image is that of a man sitting and staring into the distance he is worried and wondering when his finances will come through, think of it this way; He is a farmer who has planted his seeds and watered them and they are just about to come up to the surface is just a matter of allowing this to happen, you have put in the work it’s time to reap the rewards.

Eight of Disks:
Prudence, The blooming of inner and outer wealth, The careful, thoughtful management of resources actually leads to the creation of more.

Nine of Disks:
Gain, Gain from what seems like a sudden windfall or winnings, such windfalls can come from Inheritances or Severance packages.
( The advice with this card is to manage well this money, it is not a stable form of income.)

Ten of Disks:
Wealth, Stability, Material Prosperity and riches.

Knight of Disks:
Usually represents a Man over the age of 40 of an Earth Sign. A farmer type, laborious, hard working, patient, clever in material things.
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Queen of Disks:
Usually a Woman over the age of 40 of an Earth sign of a practical down to earth, someone who enjoys the comforts of life, a woman who enjoys living for her family, hard working, understanding and very motherly in nature.
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Princess of Disks:
Usually represents a Woman under the age of 40 of an Earth sign. A young woman beautiful and strong, as if beholding a secret wonder, pregnant with all life. She is generous, kind, diligent, perservering.
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


Prince of Disks: Usually represents a man under the age of 40 of an Earth sign such as Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, Depicts a man who is Down to Earth and Practical, strong and level-headed.





MAH JONGG cards from Derek Walters published through Thunder Bay Press

If interested they are well worth it! (15.00)

Available at Golden Braid Books

The Peacock (1 of Bamboo):

Success which can lead to vanity, a need to be cautious over how you react to success. In the East in the third position the peacock shows a quiet confidence; in the second position, a selflessness and devotion to duty. In matters of romance, it signifies an elder lady, and the associated cards must be examined to see the context. In the west, in the eighth (middle) position, it signifies: ‘Heed the advice of an older woman’.


Duck (2 of bamboo):

Fidelity and partnership, refers to a partnership when in the center, if there is not a partnership there will be one. The duck is usually positive in what it has to reveal, in the east in any position it represents a caring personality; in the second person it would indicate that the person is concerned about the other person in the partnership. In the south it represents time to be spent in the company of another, in the north the relationship appears to be more distant.

The Toad (3 of bamboo):

Healing and over-ambition, a period of forced rest and sickness, the most positive aspect of this card is that it is an indication of recovery from sickness which is shown best in any south or middle west positions. In the east it represents someone in the medical or nursing fields. In the seventh and ninth places in the west it indicates that plans have been delayed due to sickness.

Carp (4 of bamboo):

A sign of tranquility and inner calm, which leads to a long life. This card signifies peace and contentment and freedom from anxiety. In the Center the answer to the question is beneficial although it may reveal that results could take longer than expected, prospects for the long term are extremely favorable. The aspects shown by the carp are almost always beneficial. It also shows financial dealinfs managed over a long period are finally coming to fruition, recovery fro chronic illness, and satisfaction with the course of events. In the south it represents a long journey. with the 1 of bamboo the peacock it represents success in examinations. in the seventh and ninth positions in the west can reveal a longer length of time before resolve.

Lotus (5 of bamboo):

The opening of the lotus represents new birth. The mystical symbolism for spiritual awakening, while on a more material level it indicates the birth of a child. frequently this card appears to those who have recently undergone an uplifting experience or, at the other extreme, endured some severe loss, financially or otherwise, resulting in the need to come to terms with the present and begin anew. For many the lotus brings the happiest of news, revealing a new birth within the family circle, especially if the question is of marriage or children. When the question concerns finance, the response is that the present circumstances are favorable, and that the querent should perform everything with careful attention to laws and regulations. The significance of the lotus is always one of awakening and reassurance, new ideas and inner happiness. Contentment is signified. In the west, in the seventh and ninth positions, if the question refers to finance, it indicates that the querent should be on guard against fraud. In other cases it warns that a child in danger will hinder the proposed course of action.

Water (6 of bamboo):

Correspondence, communication and travel, water gives a positive response to any questions regarding travel. It is also linked with health and healing, so that a question regarding health receives a favorable reply. With Heaven (9 of wan) or Tiger (8 of circles) it is a sign of international travel. In choice of career, anything involving communication and dealings with people on a personal level will prove to be successful. Water is one of the five elements of chinese philosophy, associated with winter, the direction north and the tortoise (7 of bamboo). The combination of water and fire are not harmonious; a combination of water with the fire card is an indication of danger.

Tortoise (7 of bamboo):

Thought and progress, more often than not the Tortoise card represents dissatisfaction with the amount of time that is being taken for matters to be resolved.

Mushroom (8 of bamboo):

Immortality and eccentricity, in the center the response is that the solution lies where least expected. In financial matters, those who wish to speculate may hazard a risk on an unusual venture which is outside their normal field of operations. In romantic matters, it denotes a relationship which may cause offence to the family, perhaps because of a difference in ages, race or creeds. In matters of health, it suggests that unorthodox methods may be found beneficial to the patient. Those who ask about their careers are likely to be drawn t a profession that has few practitioners. Help is at hand where least expected, when it appears in the west and middle eighth position. In the south it denotes a person with outstanding creative talents, perhaps with a highly individual style. In the West seventh and ninth positions it reveals danger from an unexpected source.

Willow (9 of bamboo):

Modesty and compliance, the willow symbolizes diplomacy, problems are only of temporary duration, let them pass. This is not the time to make sudden moves, matters should be left to take their own course. Later the querent will be in a better position to make a decision. In matters of health, the response is favorable. When the willow appears in the east sector, it reveals a person who is flexible and changes plans readily, in the west in the eighth position it usually signifies that the solutions to one’s problems lies in being ready to change or accepting modifications to plans. In the north it indicates problems will only be temporary and find their own solution. In the west seventh or ninth places it indicates weakness and suggests a refusal to face confrontation, and a willingness to often to give up one’s rightful position. It signifies a greater need for resolution and firmness.

Pearl (1 of circles):

Refinement and wealth, at the center represents financial gain, the acquisition of honor, or success in examinations. In the fourth, fifth and sixth positions of the south it shows promotion, success in examinations, or financial reward arising from matters already known to the querent, although their full value may not be realized entirely yet. In the tenth, eleventh and twelfth positions it reveals similar successes, but not just yet. in the second position, in the middle of the east sector, it is called yin teh, or hidden virtue. In the east it warns against flattery, guard against vanity and extravagance.

Pine (2 of circles):

Strength, a young man, determination and success in the face of opposition. In matters of the heart, the pine reveals a gentle heart, a gentle giant. To questions regarding health it shows recovery after a chronic illness through patient determination. The Pine is nearly always favorable, showing resolute perseverance and enabling one to complete a task despite whatever obstacles may lie ahead, although their may be problems eventually these will be overcome, it shows inner courage and moral support in times of difficulty. in the seventh and ninth positions it indicates troubles from a younger male person It’s interpretation will depend on the age of the querent sometimes reveals a younger male rival.

Phoenix (3 of circles):

Joy and splendor, wherever it appears, phoenix is undoubtedly a sign of happiness and pleasure -though it’s important to remember that the two are not always the same. It’s positive qualities are those that bring inner joy and contentment as it represents the bird of summer, it is a great sign of fortune when this card replaces one of the summer guardian cards. As summer is the season of the south, it signifies a joyous event when it appears next to the south card. the only negative aspect of this card is that it can represent pleasure rather than happiness.

Jade (4 of circles):

In china Jade is priced above gold yet only acquires value from time and work and skill transform it into an object of worthy admiration by an emperor more than that Jade doesn’t rust, fade or decay, it’s treasure is there for all time. Jade therefore represents hard work but to a worthy end. The Jade card brings great and lasting rewards for those who are not afraid of hard work. In the east it reveals someone with high personal values, in the second position it shows someone who could be hurt by the rash behavior of close friends or relatives, but nevertheless would not presume to interfere with another’s private affairs.

Dragon (5 of circles):

Luck and fortune, as a reply to a question the answer is extremely fortunate it brings happiness and augmentation of rank. In the second position in the east it sometimes signifies that rashness is tempered by caution, but can also signify that a creative urge has not been allowed to express itself. It shows the happy outcome of current events in the south with planned extravagance in the sixth position. In the eighth position it shows happy it means a fortunate outcome to a difficult situation, but that money must be spent in the process. In the final twelfth position it indicates change, and the possibility of travel and a fortunate result. The appearance of Dragon in the east represents rashness.

Peach (6 of circles):

In answer to a specific question, then a girl will be the focus of the querent’s attention. It is sometimes a warning against indulgence, In the first and last place it indicates a fruitful romantic relationship. In the eighth positions it indicates that the solutions to ones problems will be found through a young girl. Where there is a specific question, not concerned with romance, this reply often means that a young female will offer assistance and advice. In the south fourth, fifth and sixth positions there is a tendency to overspend. In the West in the seventh and ninth positions, there are quarrels, jealousy and infidelity. A young woman stands in the way of success. In the north, tenth and eleventh positions, there is a need to reconsider present actions. In matters of business, there is great rivalry and underhand dealing.

Insect (7 of circles):

The insect represents a lot of hard and concentrated work over a short period of time with little and short term rewards. In the west it warns of incursions into one’s time and finances. In the east, where it represents the questioner, it suggests someone who might commence one job before the other has been finished.

Tiger (8 of circles):

Authority an officer, represents strength, and help from a person of authority, especially in the eighth card in the middle west position, it is favorable when it appears next to it’s associated direction which is west. In the second position it reveals strength of character. In the East the card may represent an aggressive attitude, in the west and north it often represents a conflict with authority. This is particularly marked when it appears with the sword.

Unicorn (9 of circles):

Foresight and honesty, it shows that matters are moving toward a fortunate conclusion. Indicates revelation and new ideas should be acted on quickly. A particularly interesting combination occurs when the Unicorn card appear with the White Card. It is the sign of someone looking into the future, and as such denotes someone with clairvoyant powers. this is also the case when the Unicorn appears in the east., though in the second position it suggest that these powers are latent, or not being used to the full. It can indicate an urgent need to look ahead, and to examine the future implications of current actions as shown when the Unicorn is in the West and North sectors of the spread.

Entering (1 Wan):

To a general question, the response can be interpreted as ‘another chance’. If the question concerns a serious health problem, the symbol sometimes represents an admission to a hospital. In questions of romance, it indicates a new life that the couple will soon begin a new life together. The door reveals the new. The following card will give an indication of what is to be renewed. For example, when combined with 5 of wan House, which represents a building, the symbolism is at once obvious: a door leading into a building which might be a new home, place of employment, college or university. If it appears next to the Duck (2 bamboo), it almost certainly indicates a marriage or new partnership, a move to a new location is represented by Entering followed by Earth (3 Wan). In the west seventh and ninth positions represents a door firmly closed and hopes and dreams appear to be dashed.

Sword (2 Wan):

Balance and a decision, the sword represents the bonds being severed and restrictions lifted, providing release at last. There is a strong link between this card and the Knot Card (8 wan) If the know is followed by the sword it represents the severing of ties, may represent a resignation of employment, separation of a partnership, emigration- any kind of weighty, irrevocable decision. In the East it represents diplomacy and fairness.

Earth (3 Wan):

Land, estate, it is a very fortunate sign when this card appears in the center of the reading, when it means ones ambitions regarding land or territory will be achieved. This may refer to the actual acquisition of land (as in one buying a house), or the possibility of moving to another area. If the question didn’t concern land or territory, then the fortunate placing of earth in the center can be taken as a positive reply to a query. It may however, contain the inherent suggestion that a move to another area would bring favorable results. To questions of a financial nature, earth represents real estate, stability, fixed assets. In matters of career, Earth suggests mining and civil engineering.  When it appears next to the (2 wan) Sword card it reveals wealth.

Lute ( 4 Wan):

Music, leisure, when in the south, the lute reveals reward, relaxation, holidays and leisure and, more importantly the favourable circumstances which make these activities possible. As the last card of all it reveals reward for hard work, retirement at the end of a difficult period.

House (5 Wan):

Institution, home, solidity and strength.The house draws attention to a matter that might have been overlooked. Essentially, if it is in a fortunate position as in the south sector, or together with the south or another fortunate card, then matters concerning home or business premises will be favourable. In the west in the seventh or ninth place refers to the querent being tied to a particular place.

Fire (6 Wan):

Inspiration and danger, fire is almost always a sign of danger in the Mah Jong, it is an indication that the querent must be on guard.. In response to any query, it is a sign that there are other sides to the issue that have not been considered. Whatever the involvement, the querent should go carefully over all the aspects of the problem, to see the vital factor has been neglected. However, if the question has been one regarding choice of career, it indicates the chemical or fuel industries. As it is a representation of intelligence it is also a favourable response to educational prospects. In the east first and third positions, Fire is a sign of intelligence, in the second the querents talents are not being used to the full. If the fire card has been pulled to replace a Guardian card then it will indicate that calamity has or will be averted, in the south it indicates excesses of fire, for those who work with their brains it indicates mental strain, tension and nervous exhaustion. Fire next to any bamboo cards is unfavourable; the cards for fire and water spell disaster, if the north card is close to fire it indicates legal problems and criminal proceedings. If fire is with earth it means a burning up of resources, if it follows the dragons it shows that finances have been handled carelessly, and former good fortune will be consumed.

Seven Stars (7 Wan):

Hope, literature, imagination, creativity, in the centre position indicates the querents present hopes and reams, in a general reading, the remaining cards unravel the course of events leading to these ambitions. Dreams and ambitions may be realized if the Seven Stars is in a favourable position, perhaps preceding the Entering card, next to Heaven which is the realm of stars. With the Centre card (Red arrow) shows objectives are attained while if Commence (Green Arrow) follows, it is a sign that the querents idea’s and suggestions should be acted on without delay. This is also the case when Seven Stars is in the west eighth position. Next to the Toad however, or the Pearl the dreaming suggests someone yearning for the unattainable. Badly aspected as in the west seventh and ninth positions, it is a sign that present plans are not realistic and need to be revised.

Knot (8 Wan):

Tying or Untying, a big commitment and the querent doesn’t feel like taking on the responsibility. With the Duck or the Commence card it shows favourable partnership. With Jade it indicates involvement in a long term beneficial project. Any unfavourable aspects of the Knot will depend on it’s context.

Heaven (9 Wan):

Fulfillment, achievement, completion, one stage of life has come to a completion and another is about to begin. The religious rites which are symbolized by this card represent, birth, marriage, and death. Birth will be shown by the ‘young man’ of ‘young girl’ cards pine and peach, marriage by the duck, and death by the white card. But as this card can never have an unfavourable interpretation, its appearance in the latter combination refers to someone who has already passed away. When it appears next to any of the constellation cards the Pearl or moon, the Seven Stars,  or the constellations of the Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, or Tortoise Heaven is looking down on the situation and any negative aspects will be protected by the positive virtues of the Heaven card. If Heaven replaces any of the Guardian cards, this must be regarded as extremely propitious, as it reveals one of the Heavenly Guardians bringing mystical powers to one’s aid. Frequently this refers to inexplicable circumstances that the querent has experienced. heaven is perfection and can never have a negative interpretation.

The Honours cards the 4 Directions:


when in a good position next to favourable cards the East card represents personal success. The Dragon brings short term financial rewards. In the South next to a South card indicates happiness. Next to the West card indicates a partnership. Not favourable when in the east it represents the self, in the first and third positions means too much attention is given to ones self, in the second position means that the querent has put others before their own needs.


This card invariably spells success, in the east it reveals someone of a sunny disposition in the second place, however it may be that the person wears a serious face, and can be afraid to display an inner mischievous nature. In the south it reveals happiness and good fortune arising out of the current event. In the west in the eighth position, it stresses the need for optimism and a promise of future success. In the North it can dispel the cold chill of financial set back, and provide help when it’s most needed.


For anyone contemplating marriage or engagement, this is an excellent sign, as it represents the partner. The same is generally true of anyone thinking of entering a business with someone else, unless there are ominous signs which warn against partnership. The West represents the setting sun and retirement, it is a fortunate sign, therefore, when the West appears next to the lute for those who are about to retire, or are contemplating taking a holiday. When the West appears in the west sector of the spread in the seventh or ninth positions, it represents a strong opposition to the querents plans.


Distress and poverty, if North appears in it’s own sector it is a sign of foreseen difficulties. It may refer to a normal financial recess as , for example which might be expected with seasonal work.

Commence (The Green Arrow)

The arrow about to be shot, this card gives the go ahead for any new enterprise. If the time factor is in question, then the position of the card in the spread will give a hint as to the best time to act- the later card appears in the spread, the later will be the most favourable moment. If the heaven card appears it is best that it precedes the Fa card the beginning of the next, showing that, as one door closes, another is opened. In this respect it is extremely favourable when followed by the Entering card which represents the Door through which one passes to the next stage. It is preferable for this card not to follow heaven as this shows a distraction; a sudden new venture which is abruptly terminated, whether this be financial dealing, romance or whatever. In the seventh and ninth positions in the west it indicates a fear of taking positive action.

Centre (Red Dragon):

The arrow striking it’s target. Achievement, success, if this card is in the centre of the spread it is regarded as an extremely fortunate sign, and is one of three blessings.  In a general reading, it is interpreted as great fortune a lucky chance and great success. In matters of the heart, it shows a deep romantic involvement- the resemblance of this character to the traditional lover’s symbol of a heart pierced by an arrow is clear enough. Those who enquire about financial matters will receive riches; those who are sick will recover. in questions of career, farming, civil engineering and geophysics are highlighted. This card represents achievement and success and is doubly fortunate when next to the Earth card. In the seventh and ninth positions of the west the centre might manifest as over-ambition and inflexibility.


The  Departed, the unknown, a white piece of paper waiting to be written on- the reply to a letter, or a contract about to be signed.  The White card frequently appears more than once in readings given to those who are deeply interested in spiritual or religious matters, and is a sign of mystical involvement. To the Chinese, white is frequently associated with departed spirits. In cases where there has been a recent bereavement, this can be regarded as a sign of comfort. When White appears in the centre, it should be interpreted in it;s mystic sense. The querent may recently have experienced a bereavement, or possibly has psychic gifts. The White card appearing in the last position of all is one of three blessings. It reveals a new happier life ahead. In the east it signifies an interest in the occult. In the seventh and ninth places in the west positions it shows an irrational fear of the unknown, but may be caused by difficulties with a documents invalidity.

The Guardian Cards:

Plum Blossom:

Love, youth and spring, after the cold starvation and privations of winter, vivid blossoms clothe the plum trees in a blaze of colour even before the leaves have budded. It’s one of the first signs of Spring, itself the time of romantic love and awakening life. Therefore the Plum Blossom symbolizes innocence and inexperience. For the young- and happy at heart- who are happily tied to romance, the Plum Blossom reflects happiness. It is the sign of renewed vitality, a new life and all the fortune it brings. The Plum Blossom is in it’s appropriate position in the East or near the East card because the east also represents the querent, the plum blossom card refers to their personal situation, providing mental and physical protection, but guarding particularly against emotional stresses. This is therefore a welcome card when there are inner anxieties, unexplained depression, problems that the querent is afraid to face, or an apparent sense of unwelcome personal obligations which is difficult to define. In such cases the card taken to replace the Guardian should be seen as a clue to the unravelling of those problems; once the situation is faced squarely, the nagging feelings of doubt and unease will be dismissed. This response will be doubly underlines if the card drawn to replace the Plum Blossom is the knot. The Plum Blossom provides protection for all manner of things connected with love, life, emotions and inner happiness. When the question concerns these matters this card shows a positive response. If the card drawn to replace the Guardian gives a negative response the Plum Blossom shows a protection through the difficult period.


Refinement, elegance, summer, great honors are in store as the reward for continually striving to attain the highest standards. Being the flower of summer it is appropriate for this card to appear in the south or next to one of the south cards in such a case it indicates future prosperity. When a replacement card that is unfavourable is picked the Orchid guards against the negative aspects of the unfavourable card. The orchid guardian signifies the protection of something precious, in the centre of the reading it show recovery of lost jewels, in questions of finance, it shows that investment in miniature works of art, and precious stones will be profitable. In romantic or personal involvements it shows a girl being sheltered from unwise influences.


Maturity and contentment, is the symbol of the sun, appropriate in the Autumn. The Chrysanthemum Guardian represents pleasure, social activities, holidays and entertainment. The most appropriate cards to be drawn to replace it are the Lute and the West the symbol of Autumn. The key to the problem lies in leisure and has much to do with the Guardians replacement card. If one’s question has to do with personal relationships then not enough detail has been given to time for social activities, a need to release the pressure of work.


wisdom, success in examinations, winter, the bamboo has ten thousand uses, but short stem bamboo are perhaps most familiar as the stems of the Chinese brush, used in China not only for painting, but for writing too. Less familiar is the Chinese pen a simple stem of bamboo carved as a nib. It doesn’t come as a surprise, therefore, that the bamboo guardian is associated with writing, learning and scholarship. Thus, it indicates help in the form of a communication or document, particularly the announcement of success in examinations. When the Bamboo appears as the centre card, it indicates that the answer to a particular question lies in a letter or document which will bring help and success. The extra card drawn to replace the Guardian card will reveal more about the communication. In matters of romance it might refer to a marriage certificate, in matters of health a health prescription. If the querent has asked about a time factor, the Bamboo in the center represents the following winter whatever the time of year the question was posed.


Regeneration, marriage, good management leads to good working relationships, which turns into prosperity for all, the Fisherman-philosopher is also known for his patience, perhaps a tactic he learned from his angling days, the Fisherman is one of the two Guardians of spring, it is associated with the direction of East, the color green and the element of wood, Consequently it is appropriate for this card to appear in the East direction when it refers to the querent when the Fisherman Guardian appears, it often indicates that dealing with other people will proceed more smoothly by practicing greater tolerance. It suggests that everything is proceeding along the right path, although may not be evident at this moment.


Abundance, fertility,vitality, drive, ambition and industry, It shows someone holding the balance of power in a conflict. here is the help needed to get a project underway. It reveals leadership, team work and success through activity. The Woodcutter is appropriate when positioned in the south or with the the south card than expect great prosperity. The appearance of the Woodcutter, although always a fortunate sign, is nevertheless an incentive for greater effort for the rewards will be great- if not materially then through promotion, greater recognition or increased satisfaction. The Woodcutter is a favourable sign for those who embark on new ventures, especially if these require considerable planning and mental effort, Fire being the element of mind and intelligence. Building and construction are particularly favored if House is present in the spread. In romantic matters, it suggests a fiery relationship, involving a highly emotional and excitable partner. The card shows protection and recovery in cases of mental disorder or drug abuse.


Maturity and promotion, the farmer shows obstacles will be surmounted through physical effort. Note that this card stresses bodily effort is required, this is a blunt command to get up and put your back into a job. The appearance of the Earth makes an obvious connection with the Farmer Guardian and can be interpreted as those who are in possession of land or are considering buying it; might also refer to the legacy involving land ready for development. Success through physical effort.


Prudence, reserves, this card is associated with winter a time when not a lot can be accomplished outdoors; during this time however those of a cultured mind can turn their attentions to the creation of works of literary or artistic merit. For the manual worker, the Scholar stresses that paperwork must not be neglected.  The scholar and the Bamboo Guardians both pertain to North, the colour black and the element water symbolized by communication- either through speech, literature or travel- but when the Scholar Guardian appears, it is the teaching and learning aspect of communication being emphasized. Thus the appearance of this card is a good sign for those connected with counseling and educational fields. A spread which contains a lot of bamboo cards emphasizes the importance of the written word.The Scholar promises great merit to those who are studious. Those wishing to know about their romantic prospects will find success with a partner who is quiet and studious. To those involved in legal and financial problems, there will be success when pertinent documents have been carefully researched. Quiet rest is advised to those who are concerned about health.



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