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Spring 2013 Divine Light Tarot Newsletter


This Spring brings many things to look forward to, the Earth is defrosting and flowers will

be blooming, we will be coming out of our winter hibernation cycles and be preparing to

make things grow in our lives both in the ground and in respect to things in our lives.

We will be coming out of Mercury Retrograde on 3/17/2013, and we are leaving Pisces

in time for the Vernal Equinox and in time for Aries, Aries signals a time to get things

done and to take action, it brings to us dynamic energy to high tail us into warmer weather

and preparations for Spring, The Vernal Equinox Starts on March 20th, 2013. We have much to

to look forward to as we charge ahead into warmer days.

Our Tarot Selection for this Spring:

Ace of Disks:

The Ace of Disks signifies to us that we are at a pivotal point in the planning

process, it tells us that we truly have the power to manifest what we are making

plans for at this time. This is a perfect card to represent Spring, as we plant seeds

in the ground we see them manifesting fruits, vegetables and beautiful flowers.

Take the time to write down your plans in business, your plans for your yards and

houses, take time to plan how you will make your Earthly realm grow stronger,

firmer and bigger. How will we create more prosperity, how will we call it into being?

We are at a very powerful place in our ability to make things happen, right now it

all hinges on clarity, on planning and on our vision for what we need and want, once

we know what we need and want it shows up.

I Ching Cards:

Taken from the I Ching cards by Klaus Holitzka

29. Precipice/Water and 30. Adhering/Fire

29. Precipice/Water -Pertaining to the present:

Through no fault of your own, you have fallen into a critical situation and will

need all your strength to escape once more. Solve the problem by following the

example of water. Water seeks the easiest course, remains true to it’s direction

after each fall and unwaveringly reaches its end. Follow your principles and make

no false compromises. To make real progress act upon the outside world. This time

is extremely instructive and can be of great value for your personal development.

Equanimity and optimism in all situations are the best recipe for solving every sort

of problem.

Line 1 is a changing line:

If you don’t keep a firm grip on your bad habits you will run into problems. You know

what is to be done-so do it!

30. Adhering/Fire- Moving into the Future:

When two forces mutually support one another they achieve greater effect than would be

possible for each one acting alone. You are currently in the vicinity of a complicated power

struggle. Understand that even you cannot be impartial. Accept the given nature of mutual

dependence. Open up to other forces and to relationships capable of bearing the strain. All

of those involved live up to their individual challenges through mutual support. You should

not questions the importance of cooperation even in relationships where there is less harmony.

Adapt your ideas to the realities and use your energy to expand into new horizons.

Line 1 is a changing line:

Each new beginning holds its own surprises in store. Create the vision you need through the

quiet and level-headed planning. Never lose sight of your objective as the first step decides

what is to come later.

Mah Jong Selection for Spring:

Taken directly from the Derek Walters Mah Jong the Oracle and the game.

5 Bamboo The Lotus:

The opening Lotus signifies new birth. The Mystical symbolism is of spiritual awakening, while

on a more material level it indicates the birth of a child. Frequently, this card appears to those

who have undergone an uplifting experience or, at the other extreme, endured some severe loss,

financially or otherwise, resulting in the need to come to terms with the present and begin life anew.

In such cases the new-born child represents the new direction which life can now take. Often those

who have experienced what may have been seen as an insurmountable setback in their careers will

find that life still has a great deal to offer, for people frequently have rich untapped veins of resources

which can now be called upon. There may be unfilled ambitions that now have the possibility of being

realized. As the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, ‘What may appear to be a calamity often gives

rise to fortune.’ Those who have suffered some personal loss will eventually come to terms with their

situation. The opening flower might hint at the passing of grief.