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This Season I have picked cards from the Rohrig tarot deck, The Derek Walters Mah Jongg oracle, the Medicine Cards, The Klaus Holitzka I-ching cards, and from the Crystal Oracle. This divination applies to the world at large during this summer season. I hope that it will assist and guide those who read it.

I will be at Golden Braid Books as usual on Saturdays from 12pm-6pm and on Sundays from 10am-4pm. Wednesday July 16th there will be a psychic fair where you can get readings 20 minutes for 25 dollars. Book quickly because these spots usually fill up quick. The number to book an appointment is 801-322-1162.



 From the Rohrig Tarot Deck : The Magus Card: Manifestation in all its forms, Using one’s creative power, skill, talent, energy and direction to accomplish the task at hand, a dedicated and focused person, A person who makes hard tasks seem easy, new skill sets, new training and knowledge, planning and research put to practical use and application, the scholar is calling you to learn, to research, to map out the plans and goals of tomorrow with today’s most accurate information to gain clarity and awareness into those parts of the self that need it the most, making easy work of difficult situations. You have influence over the situation at hand in ways you had never imagined.



From the Derek Walters Mah Jongg Oracle: Water-6 bamboo (Correspondence * Travel) the element water signifies communication. This could either be in the form of correspondence or travel. More often it refers to frequent short journeys, such as regular commuting, rather than a single lengthy journey. The Water card gives a positive response to any question regarding travel. It is also linked with health and healing, so that a question regarding health receives a favorable reply. In other matters, water indicates journeys; and frequent correspondence will be involved in order to achieve one’s aim’s, In career, anything involving communication and dealings with people on a personal level will prove successful.















From Medicine Cards (The discovery of power through the ways of animals by Jamie Sams &David Carson illustrations by Angela Werneke):

46 Raccoon * The Generous Protector

Raccoon carries the medicine of the protector of the underdog and provider for the young, infirm, and elderly. Often called the little bandit by southern tribes, this robin hood of the animal kingdom teaches us about generosity and caring for others. When raccoon comes your way, you are being asked to contact your inner warrior, to become a protector and generous provider for those in need. Raccoon medicine people have the uncanny ability to assist others without allowing them to be victims or dependents, like the tribal chiefs of old, Raccoon tends to the needs of the tribe before taking anything for itself.

If Raccoon wandered into your cards today, the little bandit may be telling you to look around and see who needs your strength at this time.  Speak up in defense of another instead of remaining silent when others are gossiping. Maybe it’s time to share the bounty of your time, energy, possessions with the less fortunate. Remember to help those in need develop their own protector and provider skills. In all cases, Raccoon asks you to honor yourself and others equally. Provide for your own needs, or your well will be dry when you choose to give generously. Chiefs earn their eagle feathers when they promote every human’s right to self-dignity; acting in this matter brings the same honor to yourself and to your family.

Contrary Raccoon (If you are feeling worn out, if you have failed to take care of yourself): There may be a tendency of robbing yourself of much needed strength at this time. Do you need an attitude adjustment? If you are wasting your energy on self-pity feeling like an underdog, do something nice for someone else. The change of focus could create more self-esteem. Observing the authentic need’s in another contrary message is denying the need to be generous or compassionate with yourself. In this case you may not be providing enough workable options to solve your present challenges. If you are feeling drained, it may be time to receive the gratitude of those you have helped in the past. If you have been giving too much and have forgotten to honor your own needs, raccoon could be telling you to steal some time to be alone. The little bandit also reminds you to watch for “takers” who never give back. Keep yourself from feeding others who are too needy or greedy. Balanced Raccoon energy does not waste it’s generosity on those who refuse to help themselves or who are too lazy to contribute or learn self-reliance.


From the I-Ching oracle cards by Klaus Holitzka: Hexagram 53/ Development/Gradual Progress.

Just as a tree grows slowly and surely in the air, so too in human life a development is gradually fulfilled step by step to bring about lasting results this is more applicable to your current situation or present phase of life. Go about the task with persistence and a level head. Don’t expect rapid progress and avoid volatile and impulsive actions. You might not find it very stimulating if things only move slowly. But each result now obtained has a more lasting effect. This is the time to lay solid foundations and put down firm roots. If everything occasionally seems to be moving along a bit too ponderously and leisurely for your taste, bear in mind that you have an aim and that you are on your way there.

Line 5:

The further you progress, the easier it is for your intentions to go unrecognized. You will have to come to terms with the situation, but you will learn how to cope with it and ultimately find out how you can create harmony in your environment.


From the Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno: Amulet Stone:

Travel plans will soon be on the horizon. An unexpected opportunity will soon arise which will see you preparing to travel to a faraway place. The amulet stone offers you protection and guidance while traveling. While away you will discover interesting ways of integrating your physical and spiritual life as well as your business and personal life. Ideas and opportunities arise that you will find both rewarding and stimulating. Allow yourself to keep an open heart and mind.