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Client Praise


“Keep up the wonderful work you do and the help you pass on to us. -Thanks Faye”

“Thanks for the amazing, therapeutic reading today! Kady Newland has an incredible ability to use divination and spiritual counseling to bring to light the areas of my life that are yearning for answers. She makes use of a variety of tools (from tarot to mahjong to medicine cards) to bring about accurate, timely readings. Her empathic, intuitive nature allows her readings to be both deeply personal and life affirming. Readings from Kady are always very insightful and meaningful. I highly, highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a legitimate, inspired reading!”-S.L.


“Kady has been my mystic friend and guide for 4 years. She is very talented and intuitive. I have found many of her readings to be “spot on perfect.” Thanks for all you do Kady!-M.R.”


“Kady is such a gifted and intuitive reader.  She has read for me for a number of years and always keys in on what is truly going on in my life.  She even helps me find things that I have put in strange places. She has been kissed by the spirits.

Love you Kady

You rock.-T.T”


“I’m sort of a neophyte when it comes to tarot readings.  Kady was the second person I saw for a reading.  Nervousness and excitement probably always accompany any exchanges with an intuitive but Kady brought another feeling to the table, calmness.


There is almost a cadence to the way Kady reads the cards. She doesn’t rush and allows you to linger on certain ideas.  I think there is always some hesitancy to pay for tarot, astrology or psychic readings but in the case of Kady Newland she is providing a legitimate service.  She fills the reading with optimism but doesn’t subject you to saccharine sunshine.  There is no pretense but there is compassion.


Kady has some education in mental health and I think she taps into that in readings.  She does not to use dime-store psychology to manipulate people but rather to affirm and empathize.  I’d venture to say it almost like she feels what you feel during the process.  The reading is full of shared emotions.


So if you are willing to take a minor leap of faith and believe that out there in the universe there are hints, guidance and inspiration to be harvested book a reading with Kady Newland.-S.M.”