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My Name is Kady Newland, I am a Healer, Reader,Truth Diviner and a Spirit Communicator. I am a real person and I give real readings through actual contact with you as well as readings on the phone through Golden Braid Books. I have been reading cards for 22 years and using other mediums for a long time as well. The tarot is my spiritual path and it’s been my truest friend through out the years.

I believe in divination, I believe in Personal Empowerment and always take an optimistic approach, My hope and Intention for each and every reading I give is that direction, guidance and clarity be the end result as well as a real feeling of stress relief and comfort from knowing how to approach obstacles as well as how to celebrate life’s victories and gifts. I am empathetic in my style of reading and I love to validate your journey, what you have been through, what you are going through, all that you have come through to be here now. I love helping people through transitions and I understand that it takes courage sometimes to look some of these powerful changes in the face. It’s a beautiful thing!

I am so grateful for the gifts that divination and spirit work has brought me through in my own life. I believe that no matter what your Spiritual or Religious beliefs, divination will compliment and strengthen any spiritual relationship and connect you to those sources that will provide you with a sense of clarity and connectedness to them. I welcome all spirits that desire Truth, May You be blessed and directed, May your true needs be met. Namaste’!